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2010 Lamborghini Supercar Cnossus Concept - Lamborghini Sports Car

This here is the Lamborghini Cnossus. The Lamborghini Cnossus Concept was designed by Russian student Victor Filipchenko with the help of his Portuguese colleague Nelson Simoes as part of their final thesis project at Italy’s Scuola Politecnica di Design.
2010 Lamborghini Supercar Cnossus Concept
Every Lambo needs a bull theme, and this supercar design study for a supercar concept named after the ancient Greek city of Cnossus (Knossus) on the island of Crete. The designers claim to have been inspired by the Lamborghini Countach, though it is evident that the edgy styling of the limited production Reventon special also played a role in the design of the Cnossus Concept.
Presenting a bold vision of what the firm’s future flagship could look like, the concept takes inspiration from Lamborghini models past and present, including the Countach and Reventón.
It boasts many classic cues such as telephone-dial wheels lifted from the Countach, scissor doors and gaping air intakes in front of the rear wheelarch. At the rear, the thin strip of LED lights with inverted arrows at the end is a clear nod towards the Reventón’s jet-fighter theme, while the diffuser looks more like something you’d find on a Le Mans prototype racer than a road car.

2010 Cadillac Sports Cars Concept SRV Concept Cars

This is the concept of next Cadillac. This concept is an idea from its Wayne Cherry who is responsible in making design concept. After a distinguished career at General Motors that culminated in his being appointed only the fifth vice president of design in the company’s history, he decided to build a concept car of his own.
2010 Cadillac Sports Cars SRV Concept
Wayne Cherry has always loved concept cars. Then you take a close look at Cherry’s VSR street rod, at the hardware, the workmanship, and, most of all, the design, and you realize it could easily take center stage as a concept car on the GM stand at the next international auto show.
"You just can't stop designing, you just can't stop being involved with cars," Cherry explains. "You start to do something like this, and it turns into a concept vehicle." He makes it sound like a winter garage project that got a little out of control, which at a basic level perhaps isn't a million miles from the truth. 
Then you take a close look at Cherry's VSR street rod, at the hardware, the workmanship, and, most of all, the design, and you realize it could easily take center stage as a concept car on the GM stand at the next international auto show.
He joined GM in 1962, straight out of California’s Art Center design school, and was assigned to the advanced design studio at the Tech Center, where, among his first assignments, he assisted on a project that became the first Oldsmobile Toronado, one of the high watermarks of Bill Mitchell’s stint as GM design chief.
At Vauxhall, he worked on the gullwing XVR, the brand's first-ever concept car, which was unveiled at the 1966 Geneva show. His wild, mid-engine SRV, shown at the 1970 Earls Court Motor Show in London, was a four-door, four-seater that stood just 41 inches tall. 
The Equus, one of the star concepts of 1978, was a crisp, state-of-the-moment roadster that rivaled the best from Bertone and Pininfarina. "That's the most uncompromised design I've ever worked on," Cherry said at the time.

2010 HSV Sport Cars HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport Limited Edition

HSV ClubSport 20th Anniversary Edition Launched. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ClubSport, Holden Special Vehicles has launched today the HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport limited edition model. The HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport will be equipped with the company's performance suspension, 20 inch Pentagon wheels in Millennium silver and leather seats as standard. The HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport will also wear a unique decal on the rear window showing a modern iteration of the original VN CS ClubSport badge.
2010 HSV Sport Cars HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport Limited Edition
“With this level of value add at no additional cost we anticipate the 100 vehicles will move very quickly and good luck to the person who manages to grab No.1 in the model build,” said General Manager of Sales, Darren Bowler. “City Motors HSV in Perth recorded the highest HSV sports car vehicle sales in 2009 and have been rewarded with the privilege of retailing the No. 1 vehicle to the lucky HSV buyer.”
The The HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport also comes with LED daytime running lights, and various other styling accents.
The HSV 20 Years Of Clubsport price starts at $66,690 AUD for the manual version and at $68,690 AUD for the automatic and only 100 units will ever be available. The first unit of the HSV sports car 20 Years Of Clubsport will probably be the most valuable one. The sales of the new limited edition model will start this month.
Holden Special Vehicle - HSV sports car Press Release:
Australia’s high performance car manufacturer, Holden Special Vehicles, has launched a limited edition model to help celebrate 20 years of its most successful and enduring nameplate – the ClubSport.
The ClubSport brand first appeared as a permanent fixture within the HSV sports car range back in June of 1990 as a VN HSV ClubSport. Featuring a 5.0 liter engine boasting 180kW and 400Nm only 410 VN series ClubSports were built. The model has evolved today to become the highest selling vehicle in the HSV sports car line-up.
General Manager of Marketing and Communications, Tim Jackson, said this milestone was worthy of celebration for the company. ”If we step back 20 years to 1990, this really was a watershed year for the HSV sports car brand. Not only did we introduce our first ClubSport model in June but 1990 also represented our first Bathurst, victory with the Holden Racing Team, who are also celebrating 20 years of success this year."
”The ClubSport has such great history and meaning within our business, and it has always been our purists vehicle - bringing track focused performance and handling to a road vehicle,” Tim Jackson said.
For that reason HSV has taken a ‘back-to-basics’ approach with the 20 years of Clubsport model producing a feature packed high performance vehicle for the true HSV collector. The 20 Years of ClubSport model will receive as standard HSV’s performance suspension, 20 inch Pentagon wheels in Millennium silver and leather seats for no additional cost.
It will be identifiable by a unique decal on the rear window, which the HSV enthusiast will recognise as a modern iteration of the original VN “CS ClubSport” badge, to commemorate the anniversary of the model.
General Manager of Sales, Darren Bowler, said he expected the car to be well received within the HSV Dealer network and amongst HSV’s strong customer base. “With this level of value add at no additional cost we anticipate the 100 vehicles will move very quickly and good luck to the person who manages to grab No.1 in the model build.
“City Motors HSV in Perth recorded the highest HSV vehicle sales in 2009 and have been rewarded with the privilege of retailing the No. 1 vehicle to the lucky HSV buyer,” Darren Bowler said.
The 100 limited edition 20 Years of ClubSport models will start appearing in HSV Dealers show rooms across Australia from late June. The vehicle will come with an RRP of $66,690 for manual and $68,690 for automatic.
HSV ClubSport Fast Facts:
- The ClubSport model has been exported to both the UK and the Middle East markets.
- The best build year for ClubSport was 2003 with over 2200 being built.
- When the first ClubSport went on sale (VN), its RRP was $33,320 (man) and $34,140 (auto), and a total of 410 were built. Its engine was a 4987cc    V8 producing 180kw ' 400Nm.
- The ClubSport model has had four different engine variants over its lifespan including the original 5.0 litre then the 5.7 litre LS1, 6.0 litre     LS2 and the current 6.2 litre LS3.

2010 New Chevrolet Camaro Sports Car UFC Limited Edition

Most great and amazing sport elegant car 2010 Chevrolet Camaro interior design and exterior body kit design that will make you interesting. The UFC sports car maker now a days launched it is teaming up with Findlay Customs and Modern Muscle Las Vegas to release 10 Limited Edition UFC Chevrolet Camaros sports car. UFC, in combination with Findlay Customs and Modern Muscle Las Vegas will build the limited-edition 2010 UFC Camaros sports car complete with 650 Super-charged powerful engine horsepower and one-of-a-kind vehicles features which will create even the most die-hard UFC fan or gear head stand up and get notice.
2010 New Chevrolet Camaro Sports Car UFC Limited Edition
The 2010 Chevrolet Camaro sports car looks like a new vehicle, but it was built from existing GM parts from other models. They started with the chassis architecture of the impressive Pontiac G8 and engines from Cadillac and Covette. GM made the new Camaro drop-dead gorgeous, with high performance, and affordable.
The interior of the new Camaro is comfortable and materials are good, but the exterior styling is where it shines. The stitched leather wrap on the steering wheel is nice, and the bucket seats are comfortable, with decent bolstering, but may not be enough to keep an aggressive driver in his or her place during aggressive cornering. 
The front seat slides 8.5 inches, the steering wheel tilts and telescopes, and the seat can be raised up for better visibility, so drivers of all sizes will fit. The excellent leather upholstery is available in black, gray, beige and two-tone Inferno Orange.
The climate control buttons on the center stack didn't seem to be designed for ease of touch, but more for looks, but I have seen worse. Visibility through the windshield is good despite the long hood and raked windshield, thanks to careful location of the driver's seat and the ability to raise it. Rear visibility over the driver's shoulder isn't very good, but then it's impossible to make it good with a chopped roofline that gives it its sporty look.
The new Camaro sports car succeeds for all the reasons to buy this sports car, great looks and styling, a very potent and efficient engine borrowed from Cadillac, great performance and handling, and a good price point. I have test driven the Dodge Challenger SRT8, and the Ford Mustang GT. For my money I would choose the new Camaro sports car.
The first UFC Camaro will be auctioned off at Barrett-Jackson's Orange County collector car auction taking place June 25-27 at the OC Fair & Events Center.  The winning bidder will also come away with a UFC experience package that includes an inaugural drive with UFC President Dana White, backstage VIP access to a UFC event, meet and greets with UFC fighters, an autographed OCTOGON book and UFC gear.  
The Camaro is being auctioned for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, a charity dedicated to providing financial assistance to dependents of US military personnel lost in the line of duty.

2011 Ford Saleen Cars S302 Debuts at Carlisle Ford Nationals

Saleen Performance Vehicles is unveiling the latest product in its premiere line of high-performance cars, the 2011 Saleen S302 Ford Mustang. The debut will take place this weekend at the Carlisle Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA. This is the first Saleen vehicle launched this year, following the successful launches of the 435S and S281 in 2009.
2011 Ford Saleen Cars S302
The Saleen S302 is based on the 2011 Ford Mustang 5.0-litre, thrust is provided by the same V8 engine and it pushes out 317 kW (425 bhp / 431 PS) while torque is 536 Nm (395 lb-ft). Drive is through the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission and a limited slip differential.
The Saleen S302 is builds on the Saleen tradition of offering limited-edition, high-performance vehicles for enthusiasts who are looking for an exhilarating driving experience, with refined drivability for real-world road conditions. Available in both coupe and convertible body styles, the S302 boasts a premium level of design consideration, both exterior and interior, with performance to match.
“We’ve taken high performance vehicles to the next level with this S302 Saleen,” said Michael Timarac, Brand Manager, Saleen Performance Vehicles. “The S302 is being built now and will be in dealerships in the coming weeks. I’m proud of this product and those who value performance vehicles will agree that the S302 is one of the best American exotic vehicles available on the market.”
The S302's exterior design features carefully crafted sculptural detailing, with lines and forms that flow naturally and suggest suppleness, power and agility. Exterior features include 20-inch, 7-spoke alloy wheels with Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tyres, a strong but elegant front grille and a simple integrated rear wing. The S302's 5.0-liter V8 engine produces 425 hp and 395 lb.-ft. of torque, sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential with 3.73:1 final drive ratio.
Inside an atmosphere of style-meets-sport exists, encouraged by such items as leather sports seats, chevron-like Ultrasuede red tabs in the seatback bolsters, Saleen logos on door panels, as well as unique gauges, steering wheel and gear shifter. The interior features new, leather sport seats with Ultrasuede inserts, highlighted by chevron-like Ultrasuede red tabs in the seatback bolsters, and unique treatments of the gauges, steering wheel, center console and shifter. There also are contrasting Saleen logos in the door panels, and Saleen logos in the door sill plates that illuminate when the door is opened.

2010 LUXGEN Cars New Luxgen7 SUV 2.2-litre Turbocharged

2010 Luxgen7 SUV is model that’s on sale in its home market and if it proves successful, could eventually make its way to the UK and other European countries. It is Taiwan’s first passenger automobile brand Luxgen. The Taiwanese auto brand, Luxgen, has lifted off the covers from its second model, the very new Luxgen7 SUV that according to the maker, “represents a milestone in vehicle design.” The company’s first model was called the LUXGEN7 MPV and received tremendous response in sales and became the first automobile ever to win the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award. Now with Luxgen7 SUV, the company seems to be scripting another success story.
2010 LUXGEN Cars New Luxgen7 SUV
The 2010 Luxgen7 SUV represents a milestone in vehicle design. The distinctive wing shaped chrome nose trim and cascading grille express both power and confidence and upward sweeping beltlines convey a sense of dynamics motion as well. Measuring at 4.8 meters long, 1.93 meters wide and 1.76 meters in height, the LUXGEN7 SUV is also among the largest in its segment while maintaining elegant and svelte proportions.
LUXGEN7 SUV is also the only one in its segment to feature the intelligent power actuated tailgate as standard equipment. Another exclusive feature in the car is the anti-theft sport seat. The company explains the working in the following statement: “When drivers press the button on the anti-theft seat for three seconds before locking the doors with the remote control, the anti-theft system will activate by sliding itself forward and leaning against the steering wheel to deny unauthorized access of the vehicle.”
The Luxgen7 SUV powered by a newly developed 2.2-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine producing 175HP at 6,000rpm and 28kgm of torque spanning from 2,500 to 4,000rpm. The petrol unit is coupled to an also new 5-speed automatic transmission equipped with manual shifting function and what Luxgen describes as “intelligent Transmission Control Module with 10 built-in operation modes.” The automatic transmission was developed by Japan’s Aisin.
The Luxgen7 SUV interior design uses the premium leather seat with airline first class style surrounding head restraints together with the available heating, ventilation, electronic and lumbar support adjustment functions to ensure utmost comfort anytime. In addition, the Hi-end Clarion audio system and JBL speakers provide premium sound quality and surreal vocal reproduction to music lovers.
In the interior, the luxury Luxgen7 SUV features Hi-end Clarion audio system with JBL speakers, GPS navigation, four advanced visual assistance systems including Eagle View and many more. In the security system, however, there is SRS airbags, ABS Antilock Braking System, BAS Braking assistance System and EBD Electronic Brake Distribution. The potential buyers have to shell out somewhere between US$25,831 to 35,386 to own a Luxgen7 SUV.
Inside the Luxgen7 SUV you will find premium leather seat available with heating, ventilation, electronic massage and lumbar support adjustment, as well as Hi-end Clarion audio system and JBL speakers. The safety features dual front SRS airbags, Antilock Braking System, Braking Assistance System, and Electronic Brake Distribution system. Furthermore, dual side protection airbags, dual side curtain airbags, Electronic Stability Control, and Traction Control System are also available options.
In addition, the SUV also gets an intelligent 3-mode 4WD system that can actively split engine torque between the front and rear axles based on the road condition and driver input. In Taiwan market, the Luxgen7 SUV is available in five trim levels at prices ranging from NTD 838,000 ($25,831 U.S.) to NTD 1,148,000 ($35,386 U.S.).

2011 Mansory Porsche Sports Cars Panamera Turbo Power Pack

MANSORY has revealed today their new 2010 MANSORY Porsche Panamera Turbo program which offers both extra power for the German super saloon and a new styling package. The MANSORY Porsche  Sports Cars Panamera Turbo is powered by the 4.8 liter turbo engine which has a new ECU, larger turbochargers and a and a stainless steel sports exhaust system.
2011 Mansory Porsche Sports Cars Panamera Turbo
The tuned version gets a big 36-percent increase in power and torque. MANSORY Switzerland has unveiled their latest power pack for the Porsche Sports Cars Panamera Turbo. The specialist for fine-tuning Porsche vehicles turns the Zuffenhausen Gran Turismo into a hot-blooded power pack with a 690 HP, a max. torque of 800 Nm and a spectacular body design.
The MANSORY power pack comes the new front skirt with adapted LED daytime running lights in combination with the striking bonnet made of carbon fibre give the front section a distinctive character. At the back of this four-door-car, an enormous carbon diffuser and the centrally located double end pipes of the sports exhaust system render a thrilling atmosphere.
MANSORY decorates the originally hydraulic rear with carbon applications or entirely replaces it with a static wing profile made of carbon. The engineers produce the new aerodynamics components in high-strength polyurethane (PU-RIM) and Prepreg-Autoclav-Carbon, the characteristic material for MANSORY.
The 2010 Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo Power Pack contains an amended engine electronics, larger turbo chargers and a stainless steel sports exhaust system. Thanks to these modifications, the engine output rises to an astonishing 690 hp / 507 kW (serial: 500 hp / 368 kW) and pushes the torque to 800 Nm at 4800 r.p.m. Therefore, the 4WD-automobile accelerates from 0 to 100 km/ in only four seconds and achieves a top speed of 328 km/h (serial: 303 km/h).
The power improvements begin with a remapped engine control unit, but Mansory did not stop there.  They also added bigger turbos to the all-wheel drive car, as well as a new sports exhaust.
Other features on the car include LED daytime runners built into the new front fascia, a carbon fiber hood, wider flares, and redesigned side skirts.  A new carbon fiber diffuser matches a new lightweight rear spoiler.  Also included are 9x22-inch front, 10x22-inch rear forged wheels wrapped in Dunlop SP SportMaxx tires.
The Mansory Power Pack also features especially light 22-inch forged wheel in turbine design. At the front axle, the 9 inch wide wheels carry the high performance wheels Dunlop SP SportMaxx in the dimension 265/30ZR22 while the rear 10-inch wide wheels are equipped with tyres measuring 295/25ZR22.
MANSORY Switzerland bestows an individual appearance to the Porsche Sports Cars Panamera. The complex refinement turns a sports car for journeys into a characteristic personality – after all a real MANSORY.
Full leather interior, wood or carbon trim, and aluminum pedals are also added, along with a new sports steering wheel.  The Mansory Porsche Sports Cars Panamera Turbo is now available for order.
The MANSORY Porsche Sports Cars Panamera Turbo price has not been disclosed at this moment.